True Naira Loan App, Customer Care Number, Legit or Scam?

With the help of the personal loan application True Naira, Nigerians may request for loans online and have the funds put directly into their bank accounts there.

The TrueNaira loan could be a terrific alternative for you if you need money right away. You can get all the information you need regarding the True Naira loan app in this blog post, including the application procedure, interest rate, app download requirements, customer service number, and more.

True Naira Loan App

You can use the TrueNaira loan application to submit a loan application from the comfort of your home using only a mobile device. True Naira provides personal loans, which must be repaid with interest within a predetermined time frame.

You may apply for a loan using the app anytime and anywhere in Nigeria, and it is simple to use.

Interest Rate on TrueNaira Loans

The True Naira lending app offers loans with durations of 91 to 365 days and sums between 2,000 and 50,000 Naira.

In comparison to other loan providers in Nigeria, the interest rate for True Naira loans is relatively low, ranging from 16% to 21% annually. On the loan amount, there are no service fees.

How to Calculate the Interest Rate on a TrueNaira Loan

TrueNaira charges a monthly interest rate of 1.3% for a 1,000 loan with a 6-month term. For the six-month payback period, the interest rate is 7.9%.

Therefore, they would charge you 79 in interest, making the total amount due 1,079 instead. This loan would have a 179 monthly payment.


You must fulfill the following criteria in order to apply for a loan through the TrueNaira lending app:

  • You must reside in Nigeria.
  • You must be between the ages of 20 and 60.
  • You need to be supported financially.
  • A verified bank account with several credit and debit transactions should be provided.
  • When registering, you must supply accurate information.

To calculate your credit score and the amount of loan you can take out without any problems, all these requirements will be taken into account.

Download the TrueNaira app

You must download the TrueNaira app before you can apply for a loan. Look up the program on the Google Play Store. When you locate it, select install to begin the download to your device.

Launch the app, then enter your contact details. Only first-timers are obliged to do this. Be sure your information is accurate.

Install the TrueNaira loan app on your smartphone after downloading it. Accept the terms of service by opening the app.

Click “Get Code” after entering your phone number. The supplied phone number will receive a code; enter the code to set a four-digit password.

Select “Register” from the menu. Verify that the number you entered matches the one on your bank’s BVN (bank verification number).

Join TrueNaira

Open the True Naira loan app, log in, and if your login session hasn’t already ended, you’ll be taken to your account dashboard.

When you start the app, you will see two boxes—one for your registered phone number and the other for your four-digit code—if your login session has expired.

You will immediately recover access to your account after entering your phone number and the four-digit password.

In rare circumstances, you may only need to enter your four-digit password; after doing so, you will be transported directly to your account dashboard.

Details of True Naira Customer Care

Call the True Naira customer service line at +2347048057921 or stop by their headquarters in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.Additionally, you can get in touch with them using their app.

You can leave more questions in the comments section below and wait for a response.

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