Swiftcash loan app: Download Apk, Apply

Swiftcash loan app: Download Apk, Apply
Swiftcash loan app

Swiftcash loan app is an online lending company that is registered in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines and Tanzania.

Swiftcash loan grant instant online loan to customers in the above countries directly to their bank account without any form of document or long process.

How To Apply For Swift cash loan

  1. Download and install the Swiftcash loan on Google Playstore
  2. You will have the fill the a loan application form which requres you to enter truthful information about yourself and bank details
  3. Click submit after entering all necessary information
  4. You will get money directly to your bank account if your loan application has been approved

Swiftcash loan app will determine how much you qualified for by calculating your credit score, your credit score is determined by your bank transactions, your loan status with other instant loan companies, your SMS bank messages and your contacts.

The phone of your contact must be more than 10 before your loan application can be approved.

With swiftcash loan there is a chance for you to extend your due date when you are not financially capable to pay on that very day, there is n extension of 7 days from your due date.

Paying your loan when or before due date will increase your credit score and also more repayment plan.

Swiftcash loan Interest Rate

Loans range from 250 – 70,000 over a period of 12 – 48 weeks

Interest ranges from 7.5% – 29% for a week or 2 weeks loan plan

Monthly interest of 2% – 15% and APR of 20% – 99%

Swift requires you to verify your account by adding your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and face recognition before you can get your loan approved

It is important that you read the privacy policy, terms and conditions of the loan app before you apply .


Swift cash loan app is a new instant loan application in Nigeria and currently they are no bad reviews about the loan company.

We can only assure that they will send money to your bank account but can not assure that they will not call your contacts when you are overdue.

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