SnappyCredit Loan, How to Apply, Requirements & Contact details

A 100% online, low-interest loan service is offered by SnappyCredit and is available whenever and wherever. This quick and easy lending solution is intended to make getting a loan simple and hassle-free.

The Benefits of SnappyCredit

For borrowers, SnappyCredit provides a number of alluring advantages, including:

  • Amount of loan: N5,000 to N100,000;
  • Simple and adaptable payback schedule
  • Rate of interest: 0.013% to 0.05%
  • 10% one-time processing charge
  • Loan terms range from 91 to 180 days, with annual interest rates between 14% and 20%.

Loan Example
If you take out an NGN 10,000 loan for 91 days at an interest rate of 3.5% and a processing fee of 10%, the total amount due is NGN 11,350. The one-time processing cost would be NGN 1,000, and the interest would be NGN 350.

Application requirements for loans

Applicant requirements for SnappyCredit loans include:

Have a minimum age of 18 Be citizens of Nigeria

Gains from SnappyCredit

Several advantages are offered by SnappyCredit to users:

Saving time and effort; quick approval; rapid cash access; safety and security of the app; access to emergency cash through personal loans;

Applying for a Loan

Use SnappyCredit to get a loan by performing these easy steps:

Installing and creating an account ‘Apply’ should be selected on the homepage. Correctly enter your information and submit the application. Select the loan amount. Accept the rules and regulations.

Secure and Safe

The SnappyCredit app may request access to data on your phone when you download it in order to authenticate your identity and generate a credit score. This data may include your SMS history as well as other information. Your personal information will never be disclosed without your express consent at SnappyCredit because we value your privacy very highly.

Contact Information

The following channels are open round-the-clock for contacting SnappyCredit’s customer care staff for additional details or suggestions:

Email address:
Customer support hotlines: 08129857030, 09155053675 Location: 18 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos WhatsApp: 08129857030

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