Quicksente Loan App, Interest Rate, Requirements

Do you require an immediate loan in Uganda? In order to ensure that you receive the loan you require without any hassle, Quicksente provides a reputable and trusted financial loan service that can be done totally online.

We’ll cover all the information you require regarding Quick Sente loans in this article, including interest rates, loan specifications, the application procedure, the Quicksente app, customer support, and the reliability of the service.

Rates of Interest

With loan terms ranging from 91 days to a maximum of 365 days, Quicksente offers loan sums between UGX60,000 and UGX500,000. The total interest rate (APR) ranges from 12% to 52% at its lowest and highest points.

For instance, your total cost would be UGX160,000 * 25% = UGX40,000 if you borrowed UGX160,000 with a service rate of 25% and a 180-day repayment period. As a result, the total repayment would be UGX200,000 (UGX160,000 + UGX160,000 * 25%).

Requirements for Quicksente Loans

You must fulfill a number of standards in order to be qualified for a Quicksente loan, which include:

  • having reached the age of 18 or older.
  • being a citizen of Uganda.
  • demonstrating that you have a reliable source of income.
  • maintaining a current bank account.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that interest rates might alter over time, so reading the interest rate on any loan offer before accepting it is critical.

How to Make a Quicksente Loan Application

The Quicksente loan application process is simple and may be finished entirely online. To get started, take these actions:

  • Register on the Quicksente App using your phone number.
  • Please enter the needed data.
  • Wait for approval before getting the money deposited into your account.
  • Additionally, if you pay back your loan on time, you may be able to borrow up to UGX 500,000 more.

How to Speak with Customer Service at Quicksente

You can email Quicksente’s customer service at help@Quicksente.com or use WhatsApp to get in touch with them if you need help or have any questions. If contact information is not easily available, the Quicksente app often has a customer care option.

Quicksente: Is It Real?

While Quicksente now provides a reliable loan service, it’s important to remember that businesses go through ups and downs. Therefore, before moving forward with any loan application, we advise dealing with Quicksente at your own discretion and exercising due diligence.


For people in Uganda, Quicksente offers a trustworthy and effective loan service that enables customers to finish the full procedure online without the need for in-person meetings or voluminous documentation.

You can decide whether to borrow money from Quicksente in an informed manner if you are aware of the interest rates, loan specifications, and application procedure.

Always use caution when using the Quicksente app, and contact their customer support team if you need any help. Always be cautious and make sure you are working with a reliable service provider while dealing with financial issues. Cheers to borrowing!

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