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For people looking for a personal loan, Mota Cash Loan offers a quick and adaptable option.

Mota Cash Loan provides easy-to-access loans with loan durations between 91 and 180 days and loan amounts between $1,000 and $50,000 to fit your demands.

Rates of Interest and Fees

  • Amount of loan: N1,000 to N50,000
  • Loan duration: 91–180 days
  • Maximum annual percentage rate (APR): 16 to 21 percent APR Service Charge: $0
  • Example: The total interest would be $79 (1,000 * 7.9%) if you borrowed $1,000 for six months (180 days) at the 7.9% APR. The total repayment would be $1,074, and the monthly payment would be 179 ((1,000 + 79) / 6). (Note: These figures are provided solely for illustrative purposes.)

Application Process for a Mota Cash Loan

Applying for a loan with Mota Cash is as simple as following these steps:

  • The Mota Cash App may be downloaded and installed through the Google Play Store.
  • Create a profile using your phone number.
  • Please enter your contact information.
  • Submit your loan application, then check the app for the outcome.
  • The loan money will be deposited immediately into your bank account upon approval.

Conditions for Eligibility

Applicants for Mota Cash Loans must:

  • being a citizen of Nigeria and older than 18.
  • maintain a steady job.
  • able to pay back the loan.

Mota Cash Loan client services

Contact Mota Cash Loan at the following number for any questions or assistance:

Email address:
Location: Plot 52 Park Lane FCT Abuja, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria 900281

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