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Through their app, MoneyLine provides a practical platform for managing debts. This in-depth analysis will go into detail about the services offered, loan information, and processing times.

Using MoneyLine for Account Management

Loan management is made simple with MoneyLine. Users of the app can make payments, check their loan balance, and apply for new loans. Users can also manage their savings, change personal information, and ask for payment breaks.

Loan Products Available

Customers of MoneyLine can choose from two different loan products:

  • Flexi: A loan with a 13- to 52-week term and an annual percentage rate of 169%.
  • E-Loan: A 99% APR loan with a term of 12 to 24 months.
  • Loan Information Chart:
  • Loan Type Loan Term Flexi APR 13 to 52 weeks 169%
  • E-Loan 12 to 24 month term99%
  • Example of Repaying a Loan
  • For instance, the Flexi loan plan has 32 installments of £16.81 at an APR of 169% if you borrow £400 for 32 weeks. £537.82 must be paid back in full.

What is the time frame?

Depending on the customer’s profile and the completeness of the given documents, the processing period for loans may change. However, after approval, money is frequently given out fast.

Making a MoneyLine call
Users of the app can send secure messages to MoneyLine and ask for a callback.

In conclusion, MoneyLine provides a simple, secure method of managing loans. Make sure you comprehend the terms and conditions before selecting a loan product so you can make an educated choice.

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