Marquette university magis campus resident scholarship

Marquette university magis campus resident scholarship
Marquette university magis campus resident scholarship

Are you looking for information about marquette university magis campus resident scholarship this article will explain to you.

If you want to study at the presitigiuos Marquette University then why not consider applying for the Magis Campus Resident Scholarship because you might just be eligible for the scholarship.

This scholarship is a unique one that grant eligible students some financial benefits that i think you might be interested.

What is the Magis Campus Resident Scholarship?

The Magis Campus Resident Scholarship is awarded to prospective students that only live within the university housing on campus.

You can enjoy a substantial amount of money that will be enough to pay for the cost of tuition, fees, and housing expenses.

Other financial benefits that you will enjoy are scholarship recipients, departmental levy payment and others.

Magis Campus Resident Scholarship Requirements

For you to stand a chance to enjoy all the financial benefits of Magis Campus Resident Scholarship as a student you must be the below requirements.

  • Be a first-year, full-time student enrolled at Marquette University
  • Reside in university housing on campus
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Demonstrate a commitment to leadership and service

How to Apply for the Magis Campus Resident Scholarship

You need to follow these steps when you want to apply for this scholarship.

  1. Complete the Marquette University admission application and be accepted as a student
  2. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  3. Complete the Magis Campus Resident Scholarship application, which is available through the university’s website
  4. Submit a personal statement and two letters of recommendation

You need to apply as fast as you can and get all the necessary documents listed above for you, the deadline date to apply is always between Mon, Mar 20, 2023 – Wed, Jun 21, 2023.

You also need to check the school website on latest information concerning application and requirement.


This scholarship had given several students the chance to study without any financial issues in the past.

The university has a strong vision on training students to excel in their various courses.

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