Lifeline Loan – App Download, Customer Care Number, Is it Legit?

Lifeline Loan presents swift online lending services to Nigerian citizens with minimal prerequisites and without the need for collateral.

Through a user-friendly and uncomplicated application, borrowers can effortlessly apply for loans up to 300,000 naira within minutes.

In this appraisal, we will delve into the characteristics of the Lifeline Loan application, the application procedure, eligibility criteria, the platform’s credibility, and how to get in touch with the Lifeline customer support team.

What is Lifeline Loan?

Lifeline Loan is a secure loan application exclusively available to residents of Nigeria. This online platform provides personal loans without requiring collateral.

The process of obtaining funds through Lifeline Loan is simple. The application employs the data stored on your phone, including device information, to verify your identity and approve your loan request. This swift and convenient method eliminates the need for physical collateral.

Lifeline Loan Interest Rates

Lifeline Loan sets the maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) at 20%. Moreover, a service fee ranging from 0.1% to 0.35% per day is applicable.

To illustrate the expenses related to a Lifeline loan, let’s consider an example. Assume you borrow 20,000 naira with a loan period of 150 days.

The total service fee for this loan would amount to N20,000 * 0.14% = N28. The total interest charged would be N20,000 * 8.2% = N1640.

Hence, the total amount due at the end of the loan period would be N20,000 + N28 + N1640 = N21,668.

It’s important to note that these fees and interest rates are subject to change, and customers should carefully review the terms and conditions before proceeding with a loan transaction.

Lifeline Loan Requirements To be eligible for a Lifeline Loan, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum age of 18 years.
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  • Proof of income.
  • Bank account.

How to Apply for Lifeline Loan

Applying for a Lifeline Loan is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the official Lifeline Loan app from the Play Store. Ensure that you only download loan apps from authorized sources to maintain security.
  2. Sign up using your active phone number or email address.
  3. Create and complete your profile within the app.
  4. Request a loan and await the transfer of funds to your bank account.

Lifeline Loan App Download

To download the Lifeline Loan app, visit the authorized Play Store and search for “Lifeline Loan.” It is crucial to exercise caution when obtaining loan apps and ensure their legitimacy.

Downloading apps from unofficial sources may pose security risks to your personal information.

How to Contact Lifeline Loan Customer Care

If you have any inquiries or require assistance, you can contact Lifeline Loan customer care through the following channels:

Email: Phone: 09049008610 Address: 77 Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

If contact details are not readily available, you can try reaching out to Lifeline Loan customer care within the app itself for further support.

Is Lifeline Loan Legitimate?

While Lifeline Loan offers convenient loan services, it is worth noting that some users have encountered issues with loan disbursement, repayment challenges, and app glitches. It is advisable to carefully consider the pros and cons and proceed with caution.

When assessing the legitimacy of any lending platform, it is important to recognize that companies can evolve over time. It is recommended to exercise prudence and conduct thorough research before engaging with any loan provider.


Lifeline Loan provides a seamless online lending platform for individuals in Nigeria to access personal loans without the need for collateral.

With a credit limit ranging from ₦3,000 to ₦300,000 and flexible repayment periods of 91 to 365 days, Lifeline Loan offers borrowers the convenience they require.

Remember to verify the interest rate associated with any loan offer, fulfill the necessary requirements, and ensure the legitimacy of the platform. If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to reach out to Lifeline Loan customer care for assistance.

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