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Nigerians can get outstanding credit loan services from Life Purse, which offers flexible and easily accessible lending choices. We will go over Life Purse’s loan offerings, prerequisites, and the application procedure in great detail in this blog article.


Life Purse provides loans with the attributes listed below:

10,000 to 100,000 Naira in loans
between 91 and 365 days for loans
APRs (annual percentage rates) range from 24% to 56%.
The total amount due would be 11,800 if you chose a 180-day loan and borrow 10,000 with an APR of 36.5%. The loan amount (N10,000), interest (N1,800), and service charge ($0) are all included in this sum.

Conditions for Eligibility

Those who want to apply for a Life Purse loan must:

  • being a resident of Nigeria
  • age range of 22 to 55 years

Application Method

Simply follow these steps to apply for a Life Purse loan:

  • Get the Life Purse app from the Google Play Store and install it.
  • Fill out the online application by filling the necessary details.
  • Set your credit limit to active.
  • Directly deposit the loan amount that has been approved into your bank account.

Customer Support

Life Purse is committed to offering top-notch customer support. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with them if you have any comments, queries, or worries:

Contact information:
Address of Office: 26, Umuawulu Street, Presidential Road, Enugu State
For Nigerians in need of financial assistance, Life Purse Loan provides accessible and adaptable credit loan services.

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