LibertyLoan Review, Requirements & How to apply

LibertyLoan is a cutting-edge online lending platform that offers loans to Nigerian nationals that are quick, easy, and secure.

The loan services offered by LibertyLoan and the application process are covered in this blog post.

product attributes

LibertyLoan has a number of characteristics that set their services apart, including:

The loan application process is entirely online, which makes it simple and practical for users.

Users can apply for loans at any time, anywhere, thanks to the loans’ constant availability.

There are no costs associated with rejected applications.

Information about customers is kept private and is not disclosed to any parties.


You must fulfill the requirements listed below in order to apply for a loan with LibertyLoan:

be at least 18 years old.

Be a citizen of Nigeria.

Example of Loan

When borrowing NGN 20,000 for 91 days (three months) at 20% APR, the following formula will be used to determine interest and the total amount payable on the due date:

Interest: NGN 20,000 multiplied by 20%/365/91 to become NGN 997.

Payment of principal equals NGN 20,000.

Repayment total: NGN 20,000 plus NGN 997 equals NGN 20,997.

The monthly repayment would be NGN 20,997 / 3 = NGN 6,999 for a 3-month payback period.

How to Make a LibertyLoan Application

Install the LibertyLoan application.

Make a registration with your phone number.

Please enter your contact information.

Send in your application.

Watch for a response.

Security Steps

By employing 256-bit SSL encryption, LibertyLoan assures the security of every transaction. Customer information is protected and never given to outside companies.


For people of Nigeria, LibertyLoan offers an efficient, practical, and secure online loan solution.

LibertyLoan is a great option for anyone looking for financial aid because of its reasonable interest rates, adaptable loan terms, and dedication to consumer privacy.

Download the LibertyLoan app or email them at to find out more about the company and to apply for a loan.

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