KudaBank History: What is Another Name for Kuda Bank?

In Nigeria’s banking and finance industry, Kuda Bank has become recognised as a shining example of innovation and adaptation over time. The name Kuda Bank did not always exist, which many people might not be aware of.

The Nigerian-based digital financial institution, which was first established in 2019 as Kudimoney, has undergone a stunning change and won the hearts of millennials and young people all over the nation.

The Birth of Kudimoney

Kudimoney was the previous name of Kuda Bank. Kudi money was created in 2019 with the intention of being an online-only platform for lending and saving money.

Kudimoney was created by Babs Ogundeyi and Musty Mustapha with the goal of giving Nigerians a simple and comfortable way to manage their money.

The founders realised the need for a digital-first strategy to financial services in a world where technology is taking over more and more of our lives.

The Transition to Kuda Bank

Kudimoney saw a tremendous alteration in the year 2020. The company changed its name to Kuda Bank, beginning a new phase in its activities.

A crucial accomplishment—the receipt of a microfinance bank licence from the Central Bank of Nigeria—came along with this transformation.

Kuda Bank’s formal recognition increased its credibility and reliability by reaffirming its status as an authorised and regulated financial institution.

A Multitude of Services

By providing a wide range of services, Kuda Bank quickly established a position for itself in the cutthroat world of online banking.

Through its digital platform, Kuda Bank offers all the essential elements of banking, from account administration and deposits to withdrawals and transfers.

However, Kuda Bank stands out for its dedication to innovation and ability to cater to the various needs of its user base.

Kuda Bank provides a wide range of services, in addition to the fundamentals, such as loans, bill payments, investment opportunities, and savings plans.

The Millennial Choice

The capacity of Kuda Bank to connect with Nigeria’s millennial population is one of its most amazing achievements.

The bank has effectively established itself as a top pick among young people thanks to its user-friendly app, low fees, and cutting-edge features.

Digitally savvy consumers can perform their financial activities with confidence and comfort thanks to Kuda Bank’s platform’s accessibility and convenience, which match their lifestyle and tastes.


The development of Kuda Bank from its beginnings as Kudimoney to its current position as a top digital bank in Nigeria is proof of the value of innovation and adaptation in the financial industry.

The institution’s trajectory changed when it underwent a rebranding and obtained a licence as a microfinance bank, which allowed it to provide a variety of services to its expanding clientele.

Kuda Bank continues to encourage other financial institutions to embrace digital transformation with its emphasis on user experience, minimal costs, and a dedication to staying at the forefront of technology innovations.

Kuda Bank is a great example of how technology can transform the way that banking is done as millennials and other young people seek out solutions that suit their tastes.

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