Koyo Loan Reviews, is KoyoLoans legit? Eligibility, Interest Rate

A direct lender with a London office, Koyo Loans was established in 2018. They make use of Open Banking to base their lending decisions on real-time data rather than merely credit ratings and provide personal loans to qualified borrowers.

Since its founding, this UK-based fintech startup has been upending traditional credit scores with an aim to make credit more accessible and equitable for everyone.

Let’s examine Koyo Loans in detail to see how it functions, what it has to offer, and whether it is the best option for your borrowing need.

Applying for Koyo Loans

With Koyo, applying for a loan is a simple online process:

Go to Koyo Loans’ website here. Get online and visit the Koyo Loans website first.

Select the loan amount you desire: Koyo offers loans between $1,000 and $5,000. How much you require is up to you.

Choose your repayment schedule: Your loan repayment options range from 12 to 36 months.

Enter your information here: Give a few financial and personal information. Name, residence, and income information will be included in this.

Connect your online bank account so Koyo can fully grasp your financial condition using Open Banking technologies. As a result, they can decide on loans more fairly.

Await approval: The loan money is often paid into your account within a few hours if your application is approved.


The conditions for a Koyo Loan are pretty simple:

At least 18 years of age is required.

You must reside in the UK.

A UK bank account and a reliable source of income are required.

To safely share your transaction data with Open Banking, you must give your consent.

Although they won’t be the primary determinants of acceptance, your credit history and score will be examined.

Interest rates and costs for Koyo loans

When compared to other personal loans available on the market, Koyo Loans provides affordable interest rates. The average annual percentage rate (APR), which varies depending on the borrower’s financial situation and the loan amount, is around 27%. However, it can also be between 19.9% and 34.9%.

Koyo Loans’ honesty is one of their best qualities. No arrangement fees, late payment fees, or early repayment fees are unstated costs. You are not subject to any fees if you choose to repay your loan early.

What about Koyo Loans?

The UK-based online lender Koyo Loans is reputable. Because it is authorized and governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), it must abide by stringent rules that safeguard customers.

They have taken a novel approach to lending by determining the affordability of borrowers using Open Banking technology.

But before taking out a loan, you should always be aware of the terms and circumstances and take your ability to repay into account.

Reviews of Koyo Loans

A reliable UK-based lender is Koyo Loans. They specialize in lending money to people with different credit histories for personal loans.

Customers like Koyo Loans’ short application process, which takes only a few minutes in most cases.

Following approval, money is frequently put into the borrower’s bank account within one business day, enabling quick access to the borrowed sum.

Online reviews for Koyo Loans consistently show that the business has happy customers who appreciate its quick service.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that some borrowers have expressed dissatisfaction with the high interest rates attached to their loans.

Generally speaking, Koyo Loans is a respectable lender with reasonable interest rates and an easy application process. Before agreeing to a loan, you must carefully evaluate your capacity to handle repayments.

Here are some testimonials from clients of Koyo Loans:

“I had a great experience with Koyo Loans. They gave me a rapid application process, and the money was transferred to my bank account within a short period of time. I heartily urge others to use them. the Oliver

  • “I had a great experience with Koyo Loans. Their customer service was outstanding, and the interest rates were competitive. I have no qualms about recommending them to anyone. by Thomas

Keep in mind that these reviews of Koyo Loans are only a small sample, and that particular experiences may differ.

Make sure you have a complete knowledge of the loan’s terms and conditions before signing any agreements with Koyo Loans or any other lender.


A: Can someone with terrible credit qualify for a Koyo Loan? Yes, Koyo Loans does not just approve loans based on credit scores. To evaluate your present financial condition and make just lending decisions, they employ Open Banking technologies.

How quickly can I receive my loan? You should receive your loan within a few hours if your application is accepted.

Can I pay off my debt earlier? You can pay off your Koyo loan early without incurring any fees.

Do Koyo Loans protect my data? Absolutely. Your data is safeguarded by Koyo using bank-level encryption and security.


If you need a personal loan in the UK, Koyo Loans is a good option. Their straightforward application procedure, competitive interest rates, and usage of Open Banking technologies improve the fairness of the loan process.

But before borrowing, make sure you comprehend all the terms and restrictions, just like with any other financial choice. It’s usually a good idea to weigh your options and pick the greatest one for your particular requirements.

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