Is Nut Loan App Legit? Benefits, Requirements, Terms

A fast and straightforward way for Nigerians to receive loans with customizable term lengths ranging from 91 days to 365 days is provided by Nut Loan, an online financial business.

Users that utilize NutLoan can apply for loans quickly and easily without any paperwork, collateral requirements, or additional costs.

This page offers a thorough overview of NutLoan’s services, covering the loan application procedure, loan conditions, and advantages of working with NutLoan.

Application Method

Users can apply for loans using NutLoan quickly and easily. There are four simple phases in the loan application process:

  • Enter your phone number while registering;
  • Enter your details within the next five minutes;
  • make a loan application;
  • Automatic risk analysis and loan issuance are features of the system.
  • Users will enjoy a quick and dependable loan application process because to the design of the Nut loan application process.

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Term of Loan

The term arrangements for the flexible loans offered by NutLoan range from 91 to 365 days. Up to 80,000 is the maximum loan amount that may be obtained.

The annual percentage rate (APR) charged by NutLoan ranges from 10% to 32%. The processing charge for NutLoan varies from 3% to 5%, depending on the risk level.

For instance, the EMI for a 20,000 loan with a 12-month term and a monthly interest rate of 2% is 1,891.19.

The total repayable amount will be 22,694.29, with a disbursal amount of 19,400. 2,694.29 will be paid in total interest, with an APR of 16.47%.

The loan conditions offered by NutLoan are adaptable and made to suit the requirements of various clients.

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Utilizing NutLoan’s loan services has a number of advantages, including:

  • flexible term lengths between 91 and 365 days;
  • Only 10% is the minimum annual percentage rate (APR);
  • no paperwork, no collateral, and no additional costs;
  • dependable, trustworthy, and transparent
  • Your information is not disclosed to any third parties by NutLoan.

The services offered by NutLoan are created to give customers access to a quick, dependable, and transparent loan application process.

For borrowers who seek quick access to loans, NutLoan is a desirable alternative because it doesn’t demand collateral or paperwork.

Privacy and security

Users’ security and privacy are important to NutLoan. NutLoan is dedicated to safeguarding users’ private information and will never divulge any of that data to a third party.

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NutLoan Client Services

Users can contact Arohan Financial Services Private Limited by email at or by visiting their office at 300, Yakasai Along Rimi Market Road, Council, Kano, Nigeria, for more information about NutLoan’s lending services.


Online financial business NutLoan offers customers a quick and easy option to apply for loans in Nigeria.

With customizable loan durations that range from 91 days to 365 days, their loan services are quick, dependable, and transparent.

The simple loan application process and lack of documentation or required collateral make it a desirable choice for borrowers who seek quick access to loans.

NutLoan is devoted to safeguarding users’ private information and takes users’ security and privacy seriously.

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