Is Aella Credit Loan legit? interest rate, customer care contacts

The goal of the fintech startup Aella Credit is to make rapid credit and payment solutions for developing markets simpler. Through their Aella App, they provide a variety of financial products, including loans, investments, bill payments, microinsurance plans, and money transfers.

The characteristics and advantages of Aella Credit loans, the loan requirements for Nigerian consumers, the application procedure, the app download instructions, how to contact customer service, and the reliability of Aella Credit will all be covered in this article.

Aella Credit Interest Rates

When taking out a loan, interest rates must be taken into account. Loans from Aella Credit have monthly interest rates between 2% and 20% and annual percentage rates (APR) between 22% and 264%.

It’s crucial to remember that interest rates might change over time, so before accepting any loan offer, borrowers should make sure they are informed of the current interest rate.

For instance, if you borrowed $100,000 with a $15,000 flat fee through the Aella App, the total amount due would be $115,000 (the $100,000 principal plus the $15,000 flat cost).

The APR in this situation would be 15%. The variable tenors offered by Aella Credit are also up to 6 months long, allowing borrowers to make early repayments at any time and receive additional discounts.


Applicants must fulfil specific standards, including the following in order to be qualified for an Aella Credit loan in Nigeria:

  • Age requirement of 18: To be eligible for a loan, applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  • A valid bank verification number (BVN) is necessary for identification verification and determining loan eligibility.
  • Source of income: Applicants must have a source of income that can be verified.
  • To receive loan cash, you must have a functioning bank account.

Meeting these standards will increase the likelihood that the loan will be approved and help to ensure a smooth application process.

How to Submit an Aella Credit Loan Application

Aella Credit loan applications are simple to fill out. Here is a detailed instruction on how to apply:

  • Get the Aella App here: To download the app, go to the official app store for your smartphone (iOS or Android) and type in “Aella”.
  • Create a profile: To establish an account, launch the app and follow the registration instructions. Give the necessary information precisely.
  • After creating your account, update your profile with the required information, including contact and personal details.
  • Determine eligibility: Verify your loan eligibility after editing your profile. Based on your profile and creditworthiness, the app will tell you how much of a loan you are eligible for.
  • Apply for the loan: If you are qualified, continue to the app to submit your application. Give the required details and state the desired loan amount and repayment period.
  • Instantly receive money in your app: In the event that your loan request is accepted, the money will be transferred right into your Aella App account. The monies can then be sent to your bank account or used to make payments using the app.

Users can apply for an Aella Credit loan fast and effortlessly by following these steps, and the money will be sent directly to their smartphone.

Download app

Users must download the Aella App from their respective mobile device’s official app store in order to enjoy Aella Credit’s loan and other financial services. It is very important to remember that customers should only download apps from reputable, official app shops.

Aella Credit: Is It Valid?

Aella Credit is a trustworthy fintech business that provides credit solutions and financial services in developing areas. Through their Aella App, they offer loans, investments, bill payments, micro-insurance plans, and money transfers. Customers may conveniently access their services thanks to their user-friendly mobile app.

Aella Credit is a respectable business, but it’s still a good idea to use caution if dealing with financial services, it’s crucial to remember. Before committing to any loan or financial instrument, it is advisable to fully investigate and comprehend the terms and conditions, interest rates, and fees related to it.

It is advised to contact Aella Credit’s customer service staff via email or their social media channels if you have particular issues or questions about the company’s authenticity or any of their services in order to receive accurate and up-to-date information from them.

Customer care

You can get in touch with Aella Credit’s customer service department through the following channels if you need any help or have any questions:

  • Phone number for customer service: It doesn’t seem like Aella Credit has a phone number for customer service.
  • Email Support: The Aella Credit customer service department can be reached by email at To ensure that they can properly help you, be sure to provide thorough details about your question or problem.
  • Social media: Instagram and Twitter are two sites where Aella Credit is active. Through their social media pages, you can contact them and ask them questions via direct messages.

To get the most accurate help from Aella Credit’s customer service team, it is advised to provide pertinent details and clearly explain your difficulties.

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