is 9Credit Loan Legit? Interest Rate, App Download, How to Repay

One of the top digital lending platforms in Nigeria is 9Credit. With it, you can quickly and easily get online loans that are safe, just, practical, and inexpensive.

You can learn everything you need to know about 9Credit loans in this article, including interest rates, loan specifications, how to apply, and more.

Interest Rate

9Credit provides its clients with competitive interest rates. The breakdown of the interest rate system is as follows:

  • Ranges from NGN 3,000 to NGN 100,000 for loans.
  • 91 to 120 day loan term
  • Interest rate: 0.07% daily (or 25.55% annually)
  • Processing fee: Depending on the loan amount and application circumstances, this one-time fee can be anywhere from NGN 60 and NGN 2,000.
  • GST: according to the rules and laws, 18% of the processing fee
  • APR: 45% or below (Annual Percentage Rate, inclusive of interest, processing charge, and GST)

Let’s use a hypothetical situation to demonstrate how interest is calculated. Consider borrowing NGN 10,000 for a 91-day loan with a 25.55% annual interest rate:

Processing Fee: NGN 200 GST: NGN 200 * 18% = NGN 36 Interest: NGN 10,000 * 25.55% / 365 * 91 = NGN 637
APR = (NGN 10,873 – NGN 10,000) / NGN 10,000 / 91 * 365 = 35.01% Total Amount to be Paid = Loan Amount + Interest + Processing Fee + GST = NGN 10,000 + NGN 637 + NGN 200 + NGN 36 = NGN 10,873
Please be aware that interest rates are subject to change. Before accepting a loan offer, it is critical to confirm the interest rate.

Loan Conditions

You must fulfil the following conditions in order to be qualified for a 9Credit loan:

  • Minimum age for Nigerian residents is 18 years.
  • a source of regular revenue
  • You also need to have a bank account and a Bank Verification Number (BVN).

How to Make a 9Credit Loan Application

A 9Credit loan application is a simple and easy process. Here is a detailed instruction on how to apply:

  • From the Play Store, download the 9Credit App.
  • Create a user account on the app.
  • Choose the type of loan you want to apply for.
  • Complete the application form’s mandatory fields.
  • Send in your application.
  • It’s possible that you’ll get a call for verification after submission. If your application is approved, the final application result will be displayed in the app and you will be notified by SMS.
  • After approval, give your approval to the loan arrangement.

The authorised loan amount will be deposited into your linked account after the loan agreement has been confirmed, and you will get an SMS message.

Download the 9Credit app

The 9Credit app is available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android and iPhone devices. The app’s specifications are as follows:

  • Downloads: More than a million people have downloaded the 9Credit app.
  • Over 106,000 users have given the app a 4.0 star rating, according to their reviews.
  • App Size: Depending on your device and the app’s version, the app size may change.

Downloading loan apps should be done with caution, and you should only do it from legitimate app shops like the Google Play Store. Downloading loan apps from unauthorised sources should be avoided since they might be harmful or pose security problems.

How to Apply for a Loan with 9Credit

Follow these easy steps to apply for a loan from 9Credit:

  • Install the 9Credit app: The 9Credit app is accessible through the Google Play Store. On your Android device, download and install it.
  • Create a User Account: To establish an account, launch the app and finish the signup process.
  • Choose the Item: From the options provided in the app, select the loan package you want to apply for.
  • Completing the application Fill out the loan application form with the required details.
  • Application Submission: After completing the form, send it using the app.
  • Verification and Approval: You might get a call for verification after submitting your application. If your loan is granted, the final application result will be displayed on the app and you will also receive an SMS notice.
  • If your loan application is granted, you will be required to sign the loan agreement with your consent.

Loan Amount Disbursement: Following confirmation of the loan agreement, the approved loan amount will be transferred into the associated account, and you will be notified through SMS.

The approval and disbursement process may take some time, so please be aware of that. Make sure your internet connection is steady while submitting your application.

Contacting 9Credit Customer Service

You can contact 9Credit customer service using the following contact details if you require any questions answered or assistance:

  • Consumer Assistance Email: For any questions or issues, send an email to
  • Address: The 9Credit office is accessible from Lawal Street in Oregun, Ikeja, Nigeria.
  • You can get in touch with 9Credit customer service using the specified email address if you are unable to locate contact information within the app. Any problems or inquiries you may have will be answered by them.

Is 9Credit a trustworthy company?

A digital lending platform called 9Credit is authorised by Nigerian law and is located in that country. It is a legitimate lending service provider as per the most recent update. It’s crucial to remember that businesses and their rules can alter over time.

Always use caution when interacting with any source of financial services, and be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions before accepting any loan offer.

The choice to utilise 9Credit or any other lending provider is ultimately up to the borrower. Before applying for a loan, it’s critical to carefully evaluate your needs and financial status.

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