Growly Loan App – How to borrow money or lend it

Growly Loan is an intelligent network that enables verified borrowers to acquire loans with as little as N100 and offers investors the chance to earn up to 24% annually while giving quick loans at the lowest market rates.

Growly provides borrowers and investors with a sense of security while making the loan-giving and receiving procedure swift and simple.

Obtaining Loans through Growly

Growly offers unsecured loans in the range of $1,000 to $250,000 without requesting any security. The loan is disbursed quickly, and the repayment terms are between 61 and 12 months.

Growly charges a 20% monthly interest rate with a 240% annual percentage rate. There are no additional charges, and the payback schedule is clear.

For instance, the total interest on a loan of N100,000 over two months would be N40,000 (40% rate). The total sum due would be 140,000. The monthly repayment would be 70,000.

Loaning Money to the Young

Growly offers investors the chance to lend money to legitimate borrowers for as little as N100.

In the event of a default by the borrower, the investor’s funds are fully reimbursed. Growly makes prompt payments on the loans’ monthly interest.

For instance, if a borrower lends N100,000 over the course of two months, the monthly return would be N2,000 and the overall returns would be N4,000 (4%). The total sum due would be 104,000.

Why Should You Trust Growly?

A reliable platform for investors and borrowers alike is Growly Loan App. Here are a few explanations:

Bank-Level Security: Growly partners with CBN-licensed, NDIC-insured banks to offer market-leading protection for users’ funds.

Certified Lenders: Growly is authorized to act as a reputable lender under the terms of a Certificate Granted Under Section 7(2) of the OT Money Lenders Act (Cap, 525) LFN 1990.

Growly evaluates each borrower in full, determining their affordability, and only approving borrowers who have been certified. The platform runs extensive checks, including assessments of loan behavior, credit report analysis, and bank statement analysis.

Investors maintain complete control over their funds at all times. They can withdraw any funds that have not yet been loaned out and get thorough reports on each loan that was successfully matched, telling them how much was borrowed and the terms of repayment.

Secured Privacy: Growly respects the privacy of its users and keeps all information shared private unless specifically told otherwise by the user. Contacts of users are not called or sent messages via the platform.

Data security: Growly does not keep track of users’ credit card or bank account details. The platform can offer its services without holding users’ credit card information by working with independent PCIDSS-compliant payment processors.

Market-leading Partnerships: Growly only collaborates with authorized partners to examine consumers’ credit reports and bank statements.

Customer-friendly help: Growly offers thorough help via phone calls, direct emails, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Users can also access simple tips and guides on the platform’s YouTube page.


Both investors and debtors trust Growly as a platform. The website enables verified borrowers to acquire loans with as little as N100 while offering quick loans at the lowest market rates.

Investors can earn up to 24% a year, and if a borrower defaults, the capital will be fully reimbursed.

The Growly Loan app is safe, reliable, and gives investors complete control. It also thoroughly evaluates borrowers to make sure that only authorized borrowers are.

Growly guarantees that users’ information is kept confidential and that their banking credentials and card details are not saved by using bank-level security, certified lenders, and market-leading partnerships.

The platform offers significant support via a number of sources.

Growly Loan App is a trustworthy platform that makes receiving and offering loans easier while giving investors and borrowers a sense of security.

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