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Our lives now wouldn’t be the same without our mobile devices. However, the escalating prices of these gadgets frequently prevent us from purchasing the most recent models. The EasyBuy loan can help with that.

Through their “Buy Now and Pay Later” service, Easybuy provides a simple answer for people looking to buy mobile devices.

With an EasyBuy loan, you may now choose any mobile phone and pay for it whenever it’s convenient for you. Say good-bye to budgetary constraints and hello to the smartphone of your dreams.

How does the Easybuy Loan program operate, and how can you utilize it?

It’s easy. Easybuy offers lending services designed especially for people who lack the money to buy mobile devices.

Download the Easybuy loan app from the Google Play Store to use Easybuy’s services. You can easily monitor your loan history, apply for loans, and make repayments with the app’s user-friendly layout.

The Easybuy loan app has gained trust from consumers with over 1,500,000 downloads, 50,000 reviews, and a rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store. Additionally, it downloads quickly and without difficulty because to its small file size of only 6.4 MB.

You must register with Easybuy in order to start your shopping experience there. Follow these easy steps after installing the Easybuy loan app:

  1. Open the app, then select “sign up.”
  2. Fill out the necessary information, which should include your phone number, email address, and a secure password.
  3. Enter the verification code you were received to validate your phone number.
  4. After agreeing to the rules, submit your registration.
  5. The app’s main page will be displayed, where you may begin perusing its features.

Certain conditions must be satisfied before you may get an Easybuy loan for a mobile device. These consist of:

  1. Verified Means of identity: Present a legitimate form of identity, such as a passport, voter’s card, or national identification card.
  2. Your bank’s bank verification number (BVN) is required for tracking and verifying your financial history.
    Have an active ATM card on hand. 3. An automatic teller machine (ATM) card.
  3. Solid Income: Prove that you have a consistent and stable source of income to convince Easybuy that you will be able to pay back the loan.
  4. Have a 30% Deposit: Easybuy will cover the remaining 70% of the cost of the mobile phone you want to buy, so make sure you have a 30% deposit.

To buy something with Easybuy, just do the following:

  1. Look for an Easybuy representative at an Easybuy-affiliated cell phone retailer. They can be recognized by their blue jerseys, which include the Easybuy emblem.
  2. Before moving forward with your purchase, the agent will walk you through the requirements and pose pertinent questions.

Select your preferred phone after speaking with the Easybuy agent, who will then consult with the mobile shop manager. The mobile shop and Easybuy collaborate to complete your order.

  1. With the help of the agent, who will guide you through the application procedure, register through the Easybuy loan app.
  2. Send the 30% deposit payment. Remembering our earlier illustration, if your phone costs N50,000, you would pay N15,000, and Easybuy would pay the remaining N50,000.
  3. Create a payment schedule in the Easybuy loan app. The 3-month or 6-month repayment plans, each with a different interest rate, are your options.
  4. Describe four people who can serve as guarantors in detail. These people ought to know you well and be willing to attest to your dependability. To prevent taking them off surprise, it is best to let them know in advance.

When utilizing Easybuy, you are permitted to borrow up to N50,000, or 70% of the value of the mobile device. Whether you need a N10,000 microloan or the full N50,000, Easybuy can help.

It’s simple to repay your Easybuy loan, and you have a few alternatives to choose from:

  1. Mobile Transfer: To use mobile transfer to make payments to Easybuy, send them an email and ask for their bank account information.
  2. Cash Payment: To make a cash payment, go to your local bank. Be sure to take Easybuy’s bank account information with you.
  3. Easybuy Loan App: Use your account on the Easybuy Loan App to make payments.

Log in, go to your loan history, choose “repay the loan,” specify the amount and method of payment, and then submit the form. Always save a copy of your payment in the form of a screenshot for reference.

Depending on the selected repayment option, the interest rates for Easybuy loans vary. The interest rate for the 3-month plan is 9% per month, while the interest rate for the 6-month plan is 6% per month. In light of our earlier example:

For the three-month payment schedule:
Price of phone: N50,000
Deposit at 30%: N15,000
Monthly interest rate: N3,000
Three-month interest rate: N13,500
The total due is N13,500 plus N35,000, or N48,500.

For the six-month payback schedule:
Price of phone: N50,000
Deposit at 30%: N15,000
Monthly interest rate: N3,000
Six-month interest rate: N18,000.
To be paid in total: N18,000 plus N35,000, or N53,000.

To avoid additional fees or possibly embarrassment when Easybuy contacts the four people you listed as guarantors, it is critical that you pay back your loan on time.

The main headquarters of Easybuy is situated at 9 Ogunnusi Road, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. You can get in touch with Easybuy through the following channels if you need more information or assistance:

Email address: support@easybuy.com Phone: 018888188

In conclusion, Easybuy exists to fulfill your desire to purchase the newest mobile gadgets. Although the procedure may seem complicated, it is a crucial step in the verification of applications and the prevention of fraud.

Don’t let a lack of money stop you. Join Easybuy now and take advantage of the easiness with which you may buy the mobile devices of your dreams.

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