Cashfarm Loan App : Download Apk, How To Apply

Cashfarm Loan App
Cashfarm Loan App

CashFarm Loan App is a legitimate loan app that provides loans to people in need of money right away.

The online loan app grants loans so fast that after application, it takes 5–10 minutes for the loan applicant to receive money in their bank account.

Cashfarm loan app has gained enough popularity in the Nigeria credit industry but note that they have access and collect data from personal information, SMS history and contact list .

The popular loan app effortlessly give soft loan to applicant after downloading the loan application on their mobile device and filling the necessary information.

Steps on how to get loan from cashfarm

  1. Download the mobile application on Playstore
  2. You will have to register with your main phone number that is connected to your BVN
  3. An OTP will be sent to the phone number
  4. Filling in all necessary personal information and you must be truthful
  5. You will be required to provide 2 next of kin which could be friends or family members as guarantors
  6. Add your ATM card details to your account
  7. Another OTP will be sent tou you to confirm that you own the ATM card
  8. The loan company will debit you 50 naira from your bank account
  9. Submit application
  10. Less than 5 minutes your loan application should be approved
  11. If it is not approved that means you are owing other loan company which you need to pay first

Cashfarm loan interest rates

Cashfarm loan interest rate is the same like other loan app in Nigeria, their interest rate is fixed which is 30% regardless of the amount you qualified for.

Cashfarm loan repayment

All cashfarm loan app customers are expected to pay back within 2 weeks of disbursing the loan

If you fails, they will call your contact and send blackmailing messages to your whatsapp contacts.

Is the cash farm loan app legit?

Yes, it is legit on the aspect of granting loan to you with 2 weeks but it is not registered by Central bank of Nigeria or affiliated to any Nigerian bank.

Cash farm loan app requirement

The cash farm loan requirement is not different from other instant loan companies in Nigeria.

  1. Nigeria citizen
  2. Must have a working bank account in Nigeria
  3. Must have a good credit score
  4. You need an internet enabled android phone
  5. An ATM card which must be connected to your bank account

CashFarm loan app customer service

Cashfarm loan app run its customers service just like other loan application in Nigeria, an agent will talk to you few days before you loan is due and will help you in how to repay.

In case you are an over due loan customer , these loan agents will insult you and also get some blackmailing message to all your contacts through calls or WhatsApp.

You can call Cashfarm on 09121540760 or send a mail to

There is no registered office address because it is not a registered financial firm in Nigeria.

Some of our findings revealed that one of their unbranded office is at 60 Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos


Cashfarm will give you the loan that you want but if you do not want any form of embarrassments that can lead you to depression then do not get loan from them.

If you need a loan urgently and you will pay back before 14 days then you can go ahead with them.


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