C24 Loan review, app download Requirements and login info

A financial company called C24 Capital provides retail loans to individuals that require prompt solutions to their financial challenges. They provide rapid and flexible loan applications that can be completed in just five minutes, and they give solutions to your financial problems.

The organization’s main goal is to offer services that Nigerians may access online through any device with internet connectivity.

Individual Loans

An application for a personal loan from C24 in the amount of up to two million Naira is something you can do. With the aid of this loan, paying expenditures like rent, medical expenses, and other obligations may be made simpler. You require the following items in order to complete a c24 personal loan application:

  • a valid and current form of national identity (such a driver’s license, passport from another country, or national voter identification card).
  • a letter confirming that you are currently employed, either from your company or another source of income that can be verified.
  • a bank statement from the previous six months
  • The company’s direct debit mandate is identified.

Loans to companies

Three different types of business finance are offered by C24. These are listed below:

Overdraft: Customers can use this form of emergency loan to support their enterprises in times of need. This function enables you to take out more money from your account than is already there, providing you with access to extra cash that can be utilized in an emergency.

LPO funding: This package makes available the advance funding required to fulfill work and purchase orders to reputable suppliers and contractors. Because it guarantees uninterrupted corporate operations, it eventually encourages growth and expansion.

Lease Financing: As the name implies, this kind of financing enables clients to spend money on the acquisition of machinery, tools, and equipment for use in their businesses. You are free to spread out your payments across a number of months. For those who are launching their own firms, it is particularly important.

Documentation required for a personal loan includes a photocopy of a passport or another recognized form of identification, any other type of picture identification, Letters of employment, promotion, or confirmation, six-month pay stubs, account bank statements, and a mandate for direct debit A postdated check

Financial documentation required for a business loan:

  • passport photographs from recently.
  • a formal loan application that is written on letterhead.
  • Direct debit authorization document known as the CAC document.
  • recent utility service invoices for homes or businesses.
  • Valid indices of identifiability for the country.
  • both the rental or lease agreement and the receipt for the rent.
  • Your signature is required on a letter granting permission to print bank statements.
  • letter of guaranteeing the dishonor of a delayed check that bears the signer’s signature

How to use

  • Complete the online application form and then click Apply We can now begin the loan application process.
  • Present documents
  • Documents can be delivered to you or submitted at one of the c24 sites.
  • They look over your application.
  • After you submit an application, c24 examines the data you provide and offers comments.
  • The C24 Loan Interest Rate
  • The monthly interest rate for the C24 loan is 4%, and there is a one-time management fee of 4% of the loan sum. There is no cause for anxiety as the management fee has already been taken into account in your repayment strategy.

You have three to nine months to repay the loan, and there are several methods you can choose from to do so: direct debit, checks, or point-of-sale terminals.

Remember that once your payment date is past due, C24 will charge you 1% for each day you continue to be past due.

Why should C24 be your source of credit?

They make it a point to offer first-rate service in the shortest amount of time possible because they are committed to meeting the needs of their customers in the quickest amount of time and are conscious of the fact that life does not stop for anyone, including their customers.

Our online loan application can be completed in as little as five minutes, and we will almost immediately provide you feedback on your loan request.

You won’t have to deplete your funds to cover your payments thanks to the adaptability of the c24 loan repayment scheme.

fantastic interest rate
We are the preferred firm when it comes to lending money to clients because our interest rates are some of the lowest on the market.

We are more than just a credit provider; rather, we are allies in our clients’ success. The feedback from our prior clients speaks for itself.


  • You must reside in Lagos, Nigeria, as must your location of business.
  • You have to have been employed (for at least six months) at the time.
  • You must be at least 22 years old to apply.
  • Find a job that will regularly put money into your bank account.
  • Keep a bank account for your paychecks every month.
  • possess a strong history of repaying credit.

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