Bingo Loan: Reviews, Legit or Scam, Contact Details

A brand-new software in Nigeria called Bingo Loan enables people to borrow money without any hassle. You can discover all the information here, including the interest rate, payback terms, requirements, etc.

Describe Bingo Loan.

A personal rapid online cash lending app called Bingo lending is available in Nigeria and offers loans between 50,000 and 350,000.

The app provides a simple and practical way to access funds without having to wait in long lines, prepare paperwork, or wait around for lengthy approval processes.

Loan Specifics

The period of the loans offered by Bingo Loan ranges from 91 to 365 days, and the daily interest rate is 0.0057%. The highest APR (annual percentage rate) is 20.55%.

The installment plan, principle sum, and interest rate are taken into account when calculating the loan amount, total interest, and overall sum.

For instance, the total interest on a $100,000 loan with a 12-month term would be $20,550, and the total amount owed would be $122,500. The interest rate per month would be 1.71%.

How to Make a Bingo Loan Application

You only need a smartphone and the Bingo Loan app to submit an application for a Bingo Loan. To apply for a loan, simply adhere to these easy steps:

Create an account and download the Bingo Loan application.

Complete the loan application form.

Apply for the loan online.

Await the loan’s acceptance.

Immediately after approval, the loan is transferred into your collection account.

Loan Qualification

Bingo Loan evaluates your loan eligibility based on a number of variables, including past loan performance, credit scores, etc.

In order to avoid having your loan application refused, it’s critical to give accurate information during the application procedure.


In conclusion, Bingo Loan provides a simple and practical approach to get access to money when you need it most.

For anyone in need of a personal loan in Nigeria, Bingo Loan is a wonderful choice because to its user-friendly software, affordable interest rates, and speedy approval timeframes.

Contact Bingo Loan at +234 8166698237 or for more details.

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